VoIP certification can lead to lucrative career in videoconferencing and telepresence

With the rash of new technological advances changing the way companies operate, business owners are increasingly relying on their IT staffs to play a bigger role in the office environment. Whether this means becoming a trusted member of the decision-making process or simply dealing with day-to-day networking problems, one thing is for sure, IT professionals from all walks of life are gaining the tools they need to climb the business ladder in a number of industries.

One industry students and IT professionals may want to pay attention to is voice over internet protocal (VoIP) services. VoIP companies often provide business phones, as well as the infrastructure that supports them, which is growing increasingly complex due to the demands of the global market. For example, many businesses now expect their company phones to be enabled with videoconferencing tools and other more sophisticated technology that allows for cost savings.

On December 12, International Data Corporation announced that the videoconferencing and telepresence industry experienced year-over-year growth of nearly 25 percent. This translated into a $680 million increase in revenues from those observed by the survey in 2010.

"The enterprise videoconferencing and telepresence market is currently one of the fastest growing large networking markets with more than 20 percent year-over-year growth in three of the last four quarters," Petr Jirovsky, a senior research analyst with Worldwide Networking Trackers Research, a global analysis group, said regarding the announcement.

Due in part to the fast growth this industry is experiencing, those who want to apply for exciting new IT positions could benefit from taking classes with an online education provider that also offers hands-on learning. Depending on how they learn best, each approach may help them better master the skills they need to secure Cisco VoIP traning and succeed in the industry. 

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