Cisco Academy to open its doors in Bermuda

In recent months, many reports have indicated that IT jobs are becoming more competitive among job seekers, as the field has been adding jobs despite the sluggish economy in the United States. However, similar reports now suggest other countries are noting the increased desirability of job applicants with IT certifications and training, and looking to train their citizens in these related disciplines.

On November 17, for example, government officials in Bermuda announced that a Cisco Academy would open on its shores in the next year. With this addition, Cisco certification courses are now available to job seekers in more than 165 countries.

"Whilst employment opportunities have been curbed as a result of the economic downturn, the Cisco Academy provides an excellent opportunity for Bermudians to train and position themselves to take their place in this ever changing, exciting world of IT," Bermuda's Information Services Minister Michael Scott said after the announcement.

Due to the increased emphasis on IT training the world over, individuals in the United States who are looking to develop an exciting skill set that will allow them to apply for jobs may want to take note. By attaining any number of applicable Cisco certificates, individuals could increase their earning power and make themselves more competitive in job markets abroad.

Those who favor a more specialized training for work in traditional business fields can look to Cisco VoIP training. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services are being adopted by many small businesses across the country as they look to reduce their communications costs and improve their customer service. As such, individuals who are looking to acquire this specialty skill may benefit by taking online classes and thoroughly training for this certification.

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