Oracle jobs on the rise, according to industry data

Businesses that rely on data security typically invest in Oracle products that allow them to better manage their valuable assets while protecting them from outside threats. For example, Oracle SQL has allowed many businesses to secure heir databases, which in turn keeps employees and customers from experiencing any problems with the company's products or services.

However, recent reports indicate that some companies are becoming unsatisfied with the way that Oracle has handled their complaints relating to the software. Other industry insiders say they have been experiencing some of the same problems with the software for years, and that the company has yet to respond to the concerns.

"I would say easy fixes get done pretty quickly, within three to six months, but things that are harder and need some changes in architecture or have an impact on customers where customers have to make some changes to their products, to their software that uses the databases, those things don't get done in the CPU," Alex Rothacker, a manager at Application Security, told the IT industry blog Dark Reading.

However, businesses may be able to mitigate these problems by hiring a full-time SQL specialist. Perhaps due in part to this need, recent studies show that applicants with Oracle certifications are finding success in the industry, and could do so for some time into the future. For example, the job posting website indicates that Oracle jobs are expected to rise in 2011.

This means that those who invest in online training with a certified instructor may be poised to compete for jobs that specialize in the management of the company's products. For instance, SQL administrators typically earn in excess of $85,000 a year, making the investment in quality education courses a small price to pay for future success. 

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