CAP Certification Exam Prep Boot Camp

Our 5 day extended hours CAP Certification Exam Prep Boot Camp class is taught by Security Industry Subject Matter Expert Consultant/Instructors who provide a comprehensive review and best practices for information security leadership, management concepts, Lifecycle, Compliance, Contingency, Law, Ethics, and Incident Management. Students will spend time during class to complete a comprehensive exam preparation to help them prepare for taking and passing the CAP certification exam.

Student Audience:
This class is designed for the information security practitioner who champions system security commensurate with an organization’s mission and risk tolerance, while meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

CAP Class Outline:
Domain 1: Security Leadership and Management
• Understand Security’s Role in the Organization’s Culture, Vision, and Mission
• Align Security Program with Organizational Governance
• Define and Implement Information Security Strategies
• Manage Data Classification
• Define and Maintain Security Policy Framework
• Manage Security Requirements in Contracts and Agreements
• Develop and Maintain a Risk Management Program
• Manage Security Aspects of Change Control
• Oversee Security Awareness and Training Programs
• Define, Measure, and Report Security Metrics
• Prepare, Obtain, and Administer Security Budget
• Manage the Security Organization
• Understand Project Management Principles
• Domain Review Discussions
Domain 2: Security Lifecycle Management
• Manage the Integration of Security into the SDLC
• Integrate New Business Initiatives into the Security Architecture
• Define and Oversee Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Programs
• Domain Review Discussions
Domain 3: Security Compliance Management
• Validate Compliance with Organizational Security Policies and Procedures
• Manage and Document Exceptions to the Compliance Framework
• Coordinate with Auditors and Assist with the Internal and External Audit Process
• Domain Review Discussions
Domain 4: Contingency Management
• Oversee Development of Contingency Plans
• Guide Development of Recovery Strategies
• Manage Maintenance of the BCP and DRP plans
• Domain Review Discussions
Domain 5: Law, Ethics, and Incident Management
• Understand the Impact of Laws that Relate to Information Security
• Develop and Manage the Incident Handling and Investigation Processes
• Understand Management Issues as They Relate to the (ISC)2 Code of Ethic
• Domain Review Discussions

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