Individuals with Oracle or Cisco certification may want to chose Indiana in 2012

While the job market in the United States as a whole remains sluggish, information technology is expected to see rapid growth in 2012, as more and more industries begin relying on complex networks for their internal and external functions. Due this developing business trend, those who have computer training may be in high demand at jobs either in their current home state or elsewhere in the United States.

According to a new release from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), IT jobs were a big driver of the state's overall growth in job commitments in 2011. In total, the IEDC said in the document that it had secured job commitments from more than 210 companies over the 12 month period, more than any other year in the state's history.

"With our low-cost, fiscally sound business climate, Indiana continues to catch the attention and win the investment of more and more companies," Dan Hasler, chief executive officer of the IEDC, said in a release. "This year's results are a testament to the dedication and collaboration of people throughout the state."

Even though a boom in the state's manufacturing industry was the primary driving factor behind the rise in overall commitments, information technology played a role. According to the release, IT companies committed to creating more than 1,200 jobs in the state. In total, the banner year helped Indiana become the best state for business in the entire Midwest, according Area Development Magazine.

Due to the fact that businesses are beginning to look to Indiana as a solution to their employment concerns, those who pursue an Oracle certified associate or a Cisco certificate in 2012 may want to consider sending their improved resume to employers in the state.

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