Upgrade arrives for Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle has rolled out its latest version of the Oracle E-Business Suite, and with it the company introduced thousands of new functional enhancements for financial, supply chain management, human resource and customer relationship management applications.

Businesses interested in adopting such an upgrade may want to consider professional training on the new software, conducted by trusted computer instructors with Oracle certification.

The software's most recent versions have introduced more than 4,000 upgrades, which will benefit users across a broad scope of industries. Now, thousands of customers in the manufacturing, entertainment, retail, automotive and healthcare sciences have switched to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1, the vendor announced in a press release.

One client, Datacard Group, said the upgrade helped improve its financial delivery and progress tracking capabilities.

"Upgrading to the Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 provided us with the premier support and functionality we need to support our growing business while protecting our investment for future," Datacard Group's Chadd Fowble was quoted as saying in the press release.

A new version of this Oracle software may mean new information, procedures and terminology to learn. Businesses that rely on Oracle E-Business Suite and want to remain a step ahead may want to consider professional training on the latest product version.

Skilled product support experts who are well-versed in Oracle technology may be able to provide businesses with the training they need to conduct a smooth transition to the new software. Managers may want to take these lessons a step further by seeking Oracle certification for themselves, which may provide them with the knowledge necessary to become a trusted source of software training and troubleshooting on their staff.

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