Transition to Oracle Solaris 11

In this 5 day instructor led class, students will learn the Administration skills to transition to Oracle Solaris 11 from Oracle Solaris 10.  

Class Outline

  • Introduction to the new Solaris 11 operating system changes and enhancements.
  • Considerations for a transition from Solaris 10 to 11.
  • Solaris 11 Installations
  • Preparations for installation.
  • Overview of install methods.
  • Installation using the interactive installer (SPARC and Intel).
  • Installation with AI media (automated installer) (SPARC and Intel).
  • Using AI media for troubleshooting, etc.
  • Automated network installs, and how to migrate Solaris 10 Jumpstart rules,
    sysidcfg and profiles.
  • The distribution constructor.
  • Software Management.
  • Overview of the IPS ( Image Package System).
  • Using basic pkg commands to list packages and packages information.
  • Installing, verifying, fixing and removing packages.
  • Package group managemnt.
  • Using the packagmanager GUI.
  • IPS repository management, including the creation and use of local release and
    support repositories.
  • Manage Boot Environments.
  • Boot environments in Solaris 11 compared to Live Upgrade in Solaris 10.
  • Managing BE’s with beadm.
  • BE’s and IPS – how they interact.
  • Changes in Zones.
  • Overview of new zone features.
  • Creating and managing zones.
  • Creating a branded Solaris 10 zone, including p2v and v2v conversions.
  • NFS server now supported in a non-global zone.
  • Read-only zones.
  • Network Features and Changes.
  • Day-to-day network configuration and management changes/enhancements.
  • The new ipadm and enhanced dladm command.
  • The new network virtualization features.
  • Network Auto-Magic (NWAM).
  • Implement IPMP (Internet Protocol Multi-Pathing).
  • Use network resource controls and network bridges.
  • ipadm and IPv6.
  • Disk Storage Enhancements
  • Overview of the new and changed features.
  • ZFS deduplication.
  • ZFS snapshot changes.
  • ZFS zpool split – the ability to split a mirror from a pool, then import it.
  • ZFS shadow migration.
  • Describe the COMSTAR (COmmon Multiprotocol Scsi TARget) framework.
  • Implement iSCSI including target and initiator systems.
  • System Security New Features and Changes
  • Overview of the new security features.
  • Configure data encryption, and create an encrypted file system.
  • System integrity using the Basic Audit Reporting Tool (BART), including report customization.

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