Canadian jobs research firm identifies IT careers with six-figure salary potential

A quick glance at a career listings website shows that most information technology (IT) job openings offer a median starting salary of around $70,000. Anything more than that has traditionally been associated with an executive or administrative position. However, according a study released today by to Canadian career research and staffing organization Robert Half International, more technology companies are offering higher salaries for positions lower on the chain of command.

The career analytics group identified six mid-level jobs that offer average pay rates that come close or go beyond the $100,000 mark. Included in this list are listings for mobile application developers, data security analysts, business systems analysts, information architects, interactive creative directors and user experience designers. Of these positions, the information architect – someone who steers content and design features in order to convey data more efficiently for a business website – makes the most on average, with a median salary of $115,000.

"Many of these in-demand jobs require a high degree of specialisation, and oftentimes employers find it challenging to fill these roles," Lara Dodo, a vice president of Robert Half Technology, said in a press release. "Employers are prepared to compensate well for professionals with solid experience in areas such as enhancing and securing a firm's online presence across multiple platforms, or gathering and assessing business data."

With experts pointing to identifiable skills as the top priority for hiring managers and recruiters, this research suggests that companies are paying top dollar to bring in new talent. A computer certification course is one way for an IT professional to build on previous knowledge and develop his or her informational toolbox. Trainings conducted by Alliance Micro Solutions are taught by Subject Matter Experts who possess insights from their years in the field. They can help students grow and advance their career through a mix of lecture-style lessons and practical skill laboratories. For more information, check out an AMS online course offering today.

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