Report says 2012 IT budgets are on the rise

With the overall improvements in the economy taking hold, many IT job seekers are looking to test their skills on the open market this year. And a new study released on March 27 by PROTECH, an IT search and staffing firm, indicates that these individuals may be poised to make big career moves in their chosen industry.

Overall, PROTECH's researchers found that some employers are increasing their IT budgets by 20 percent this year. The study indicated the average budgets increased to 10.2 percent, up from the 8.5 percent observed by the company's researchers in 2011.

In addition, the study found that nearly 50 percent of tech leaders plan to increase their staff this year, meaning that jobs with top employers may be more plentiful for those who have the requisite Microsoft or Oracle certifications. This figure rose substantially from the 13 percent recorded one year earlier, indicating many companies may be benefiting from market improvements.

"With IT employment at an all-time high, it's becoming an increasingly competitive landscape for employers to secure and retain top IT talent," Deborah Vazquez, PROTECH's CEO said in a statement regarding the study.

The need for businesses to retain top IT talent could benefit those who bolster their resumes by taking online courses over the coming months. For example, with employers eager to keep their vital IT departments stable, these companies may be willing to offer increased salaries and benefits.

As a result, IT job seekers may want to increase their skills by taking classes from online providers that can not only offer flexible Web-based learning, but also hands-on, in-person training depending on the student's preference.

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