Obama puts emphasis on jobs in State of the Union Address

On Tuesday January 24, President Barack Obama delivered his annual State of the Union Address in front of a packed house of lawmakers. With many experts questioning the very need for the address in the weeks leading up to the event, the president took steps to propose concrete solutions to a number of problems that are currently facing the nation.

One of the central themes of the president's speech was job creation, as he stressed the need for sweeping changes to the tax code. In particular, he indicated that he would seek to change the current structure, which allows businesses that move jobs overseas to net the biggest tax breaks when filing their annual returns.

"We can't bring every job back that's left our shore. But right now, it's getting more expensive to do business in places like China," Obama said in his speech. "Meanwhile, America is more productive."

The president went on to cite an anecdote about the CEO of Master Lock, a provider of security products, who indicated to Obama that for the first time in years, it makes better business sense to bring jobs back to America.

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