Missouri community college produces success stories with Cisco

In recent weeks, a number of news sources have indicated that IT jobs are among the fastest-growing and most lucrative currently available to job seekers on the market. And while those without a background in this particular field may believe these positions are out of reach, a number of creative partnerships are helping out-of-work professionals gain the skills they need to adjust to the technology trends that are changing the modern workforce.

Even existing IT professionals are benefiting from in-person and online courses that can provide introductory and advanced teachings. For example, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently highlighted how Ted Davis, a local resident, turned to St. Charles Community College and enrolled in the organization's joint programs with the Cisco Networking Academy.

At this facility, Davis was able to increase his skills by learning to design, troubleshoot and implement enterprise networks and program the routers and switches that many businesses use to facilitate their productivity on a day-to-day basis.

Davis went so far as to tell the media outlet that his experience working in a physical learning environment that could prepare him for Cisco certification outpaced what many of his friends and acquaintances were able to achieve through other educational alternatives. 

"We use a hands-on approach and focus on skills," Mike Fuszner, a professor of computer science at the college, told the news source. "Students like Ted can go back to their workplaces and immediately apply what they have learned."

Due to the fact that many individuals need a more hands-on learning experience, job seekers may want to turn to a provider that can offer them both online and in-person learning opportunities. By gaining the ability to look at course catalogs, online schedules and other information online, these individuals can then select the classes that will best help them update their skills for the workforce.

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