Number of job postings for IT positions on the rise

In a recently published piece for InfoWorld, Bill Snyder wrote about how the tech industry is booming, suggesting that now may be the perfect time for those with previous IT experience to bolster their resumes so they can compete for top positions. In his piece, Snyder specifically references job board growth as one of the prime indicators of the recent changes in the industry.

As of 2010, there were around 50,000 jobs posted on industry website Dice – this figured included part-time and contract positions, the report said. Since then, this figure climbed to more than 80,000 by the start of October. In total, this represented a more than 70 percent increase in the number of jobs from the start of 2010.

While some industry experts, such as Axel Kratell, who worked with Cisco Systems in the past, were quick to compare the market favorably to the one of the late 90s, some companies are finding challenges that are specific to the current climate.

"It is an incredibly competitive job market. Finding the right people is hard," Woodson Martin,'s senior vice president for employee success, told the report.

As of October, Martin said that he had roughly 700 positions to fill, but a lack of qualified applicants. As a result, IT professionals who are having trouble fulfilling the new requirements employers are putting forth may want to seek extra training or certification.

By taking an Oracle certification exam, for instance, IT professionals may be able to enhance their candidacy. According to the job posting website, some Oracle professionals can make more than $130,000 annually by having an understanding of how this company's software and services operate. 

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