MOC 6463, Visual Studio 2008: ASP.NET 3.5

This 2 day instructor-led training class is presented by Microsoft training partners to their end customers. Channel Partners nationwide hire proven AMS Subject Matter Expert Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT’s) to teach on-site or on-line classes.

This class is for application developers who know how to create applications in Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 and need to learn how to create a fully functional Web application by using ASP.NET 3.5.

IMPORTANT: This course cuts a lot of corners to cover many different ASP.NET concepts in a short period of time.  It is, very frankly, not a terrific course for most people because it covers so much in just two days.  It is for people who cannot afford the time or money to take the 5 day ASP.NET class, wich is a much better class.


  • Learn to explain how to create dynamic Web pages by using ASP.NET.
  • Learn to manage state, handle requests, and improve accessibility by using the features of ASP.NET.
  • Learn to configure an ASP.NET application by using .config files
  • Learn to create a user interface on an ASP.NET page by using standard Web server controls.
  • Learn to create a user control and a custom server control and add them to an ASP.NET page.
  • Learn to access and manipulate data from different sources by using ADO.NET 3.5.
  • Learn to access and manipulate data from Windows Communication Foundation services or Web services.
  • Learn to present data to the user by placing data-bound controls on an ASP.NET page.
  • Learn to improve page responsiveness by using the ASP.NET AJAX controls.
  • Learn to interact with the user, access services, and access the AJAX client-side library by using client scripts.
  • Learn to find and eliminate bugs in an ASP.NET application.
  • Learn to deploy an ASP.NET application to a production Web server.
  • Learn to write pages that adapt to the capabilities of mobile devices.
  • Learn to utilize controls that adapt to the capabilities of mobile devices.


  1. Getting Started with ASP.NET 3.5
    1. Introduction to ASP.NET Web Applications
    2. Features of ASP.NET 3.5
    3. Configuring ASP.NET Applications
    4. Lab: Creating and Configuring an ASP.NET 3.5 Application
  2. Implementing a User Interface with ASP.NET Server Controls
    1. Consuming Controls to Interact with Users
    2. Creating Custom Controls
    3. Lab: Consuming and Creating ASP.NET Server Controls
  3. Displaying and Manipulating Data in ASP.NET 3.5
    1. Accessing Data by Using ADO.NET 3.5
    2. Accessing Data from Services
    3. Presenting Data in Web Controls
    4. Lab: Displaying and Manipulating Data in ASP.NET 3.5
  4. Creating Responsive Pages by Using Client-Side Technologies
    1. Creating Partial Page Updates by Using AJAX
    2. Scripting Actions on the Web Client
    3. Lab: Creating Responsive Pages by Using Client-Side Technologies
  5. Debugging and Deploying ASP.NET Applications
    1. Troubleshooting and Debugging ASP.NET Applications
    2. Deploying Completed ASP.NET Applications
    3. Lab: Debugging and Deploying an ASP.NET Application
  6. Writing ASP.NET Applications for Mobile Devices
    1. Rendering Pages According to Device Capabilities
    2. Creating Pages with Mobile Web Controls
    3. Lab: Adding Support for Mobile Devices

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