Information technology jobs among the nation’s “coolest,” says job website CareerCast

Despite the cultural association that information technology (IT) professionals are "nerds," it seems that American businesses don't share this sentiment when it comes to looking for applicants. According to job search website, the IT industry has never been cooler.

"Software engineers are the rock stars of today's working world, and even computer systems analysts and web developers can claim some of that recognition, since the demand for IT pros is so deep," Tony Lee, the publisher of CareerCast, said in a release statement.

According to the site's Jobs Rated Report, software engineers have the best job in the country. The career boasts high salaries, competitive hiring opportunities and generous benefits. Computer systems analysts and web developers followed closely in the rankings, with average payment packages of $78,000 and $75,000, respectively.

Lee also noted that recruiters seem to be encountering a lack of qualified candidates through their hiring processes, which may in turn increase the potential bonuses of pursuing this career.

"There is currently a dearth of quality applicants in many technical fields, in addition to computer science," he said in the release. Lee added that companies "simply can't find enough to fulfill their needs."

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