Data crunching and job searching combine in new career website

A startup company in San Francisco launched a new career search website on June 19, centered around an algorithm that aims to match prospective applicants with companies looking for people with particular skills and knowledge., the product of Bright Media Corporation Inc.'s efforts since its founding in 2010, eschews the traditional search engine-style job site in favor of an automated format. Users upload their resume and the algorithm scores the candidate for each available job within their preferences. For example, if a person has a Microsoft SharePoint training certification, he or she would receive a higher score for jobs seeking that particular skill. The algorithm functions by looking at keywords within the resume, job history and certifications received.

According to an interview with Steve Goodman, CEO of Bright Media Corporation, conducted by technology jobs website FINS Technology, there is a disconnect between what recruiters look for and what hiring managers seek in a candidate.

"What the hiring manager wants and what the recruiter is looking for are off, and they're off by a lot," Goodman said in the interview. He cited a "spray and pray" practice that involves job-seekers sending resumes to businesses even if they are only remotely right for the job. The result is that hiring departments spend little time reviewing resumes. His company's algorithm, he said, is intended to bridge that gap by directing applicants to companies that are better qualified for the job.'s focus on matching qualification and skill sets to a related job listing suggests that related trainings are important considerations for staffing managers and recruiting personnel. Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) offers a wide variety of computer certifications taught by Subject Matter Experts who can help you get the information you need to succeed and grow in the IT field. If you're looking for technology courses in areas like e-communication solutions or security administration, check out an AMS online course guide today.

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