Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Training: Database-Driven Websites

This 2 day Dreamweaver training class, teaches students how to use Dreamweaver CS5 to build dynamic database-driven web sites using ColdFusion, PHP or ASP Classic.


  • Learn to dynamically retrieve data from the database.
  • Learn to display records on the screen.
  • Learn to page through records.
  • Learn to insert new data through forms.
  • Learn to edit records in the database.
  • Learn to build a password-protected site.
  • Learn about the disadvantages of using Dreamweaver CS5 to develop database-driven sites.


  1. Getting Started
    1. Choosing a Server-side language
    2. Server-side Languages covered in this course
    3. Introduction to ColdFusion
    4. Introduction to Active Server Pages
    5. Introduction to PHP
    6. Course Project
    7. Confronting Differences in Technologies
  2. Passing Data from Page to Page
    1. Understanding HTTP Requests: Passing data through the URL
    2. Accessing Variables in the URL
    3. HTML Form Basics
  3. Create a Dreamweaver “Site”
    1. Create a New Dynamic Site – Manage Sites
    2. Site Creation – Basic
    3. Site Creation – Advanced
  4. Database Basics
    1. Database Alphabet Soup: ODBC, JDBC, OleDB, DSNs and SQL
    2. Introduction to SQL
    3. Select Statement
    4. Update Statement
    5. Insert Statement
    6. Delete Statement
    7. Course Project Database
  5. Create a Database Connection
    1. Application Panel Group
    2. ASP: Create a Database Connection
    3. ColdFusion: Connect to Database with a DSN
  6. Server Behaviors
    1. Simple Recordset
  7. Display Recordset Results
    1. Repeat Region
  8. Paging through Records
    1. Record Paging
  9. Adding Conditionals
    1. Show Region if…
  10. Display Recordcount
    1. ColdFusion and PHP: Display Record Count
    2. Shortcut and ASP: Display Record Count
  11. Go to Detail Page (Pass a Parameter to a Second Page)
    1. Pass a Variable in a Link
    2. ASP: “Go to Detail page” Server Behavior
    3. PHP and ColdFusion: External Extensions available
    4. ColdFusion: Add code from scratch
    5. Filtering a Recordset to
  12. Create a Detail Page (Add a SQL WHERE Clause)
    1. Simple Recordset with Filter
    2. View Query in Advanced Recordset
    3. Formatting the Date
    4. Advanced Recordsets and
    5. Multi-table Queries
  13. Shorcuts!
    1. Dynamic Table
    2. Recordset Navigation Bar
    3. Recordset Navigation Status
    4. Master Detail Page Set
  14. Create an Admin Section
    1. Create Admin Page
  15. Dynamically Created Form Elements
    1. Using Dreamweaver to create forms
    2. Create dynamic select list of movie titles
    3. Advanced SQL Technique:  Create an Alias
  16. Insert New Record
    1. Insert New Actor – using “Insert Record Behavior”
    2. Validate before insert with Spry
  17. Edit (Update) Record
    1. A Closer Look
    2. Adding the Update Record Behavior
  18. Delete Record
    1. Delete Record Behavior
    2. Delete a Record from the database
    3. “Delete Record” by changing status to “inactive”
  19. Password Protect Pages (User Authentication)
    1. Getting Ready
    2. Password Protect the admin section
    3. Users Table
    4. “Restrict Access to Page” Behavior
    5. Complete the login page
    6. Create Logout page
    7. Check New Username
    8. ColdFusion: Potential Error
  20. Site Management Tools
    1. Find and Replace
    2. Built in FTP client
    3. File check-in/check-out
    4. Design Notes
    5. Link Checker
    6. Reports
    7. Browser Compatibility Check

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