MOC 80292 – Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This 1 day instructor-led training class is presented by Microsoft training partners to their end customers. Channel Partners nationwide hire proven AMS Subject Matter Expert Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT’s) to teach on-site or on-line classes.

This class introduces Microsoft Dynamics CRM service management functionality and explains how it helps organizations track information about cases, customer complaints or requests, and small projects. You will learn how to use the knowledge base and discusses how organizations can browse, locate, and share information in the repository. It also discusses how to create, manage and use teams and queues in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The course is designed for new partners and customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that want to learn about the available service management features in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product.


  • Learn to use some of the most common service management applications of Queues and Contracts.
  • Learn to work with cases in the case grid.
  • Understand the steps required to create a new case.
  • Learn to create and manage contract templates.
  • Learn to create and manage contracts.
  • Learn to add contract lines to a contract.
  • Learn to associate contracts with cases.
  • Learn to create, activate and deactivate, and delete Knowledge Base article templates.
  • Learn to search articles from within a case record and utilize articles to resolve cases.
  • Learn to create, manage and work with Teams.
  • Learn to define steps involved in creating and managing queues.
  • Learn to work with queue items.
  • Learn to build personal and system charts and dashboards to provide insight into important service management information.


  1. Introduction
    1. Getting Started with Service Management
    2. Cases and the Service Management Process
    3. Queues and Contracts in Service Management
    4. Working with Cases in the Case Grid
    5. Lab: Assigning Cases and Default Queues
  2. Working with Cases and Contracts
    1. Creating Case Records
    2. Working with Cases
    3. Contracts and Contract Templates
    4. Creating and Working with Contracts
    5. Using Contracts with Cases
    6. Lab: Resolving a Case with a Contract
  3. Using the Knowledge Base
    1. Article Templates
    2. Creating, Approving and Publishing Articles
    3. Using and Searching the Knowledge Base
    4. Cases and Knowledge Base Articles
    5. Lab: Managing Knowledge Base Articles
  4. Working with Teams and Queues
    1. Introduction to Teams
    2. Introduction to Queues
    3. Creating and Managing Queues
    4. Working with Queues and Queue Items
    5. Using Workflows with Queues
    6. Lab: Routing Cases to Queues
  5. Analysis, Reporting and Goals
    1. Service Management Reports
    2. Service Management Charts and Dashboards
    3. Goal Management for Service
    4. Lab: Goal and Goal Metrics

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