Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS5 Training

In this 1 day Adobe Photoshop training course, students will learn advanced features of Photoshop CS5 that will help them work with the tool more efficiently and effectively.  This course can also be taught using an older version of Photoshop.


  • Learn advanced features of Photoshop CS5
  • Learn to work with filters
  • Learn to create images for the Web and for video
  • Learn to work in 3D


  1. Getting Smart in Photoshop CS5
    1. Creating a composition using Smart Objects
    2. Opening an image as a Smart Object
    3. Converting a layer to a Smart Object
    4. Placing a Smart Object
    5. Editing a Smart Object
    6. Editing the contents of a Smart Object
    7. Modifying multiple Smart Object layers
    8. Replacing the contents of a Smart Object layer
    9. Working with Smart Filters
    10. Modifying a Smart Filter
    11. Creating multiple Smart Objects
    12. Working with Illustrator files
  2. Using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Filters
    1. Filter basics
    2. Starting to use filters
    3. Using the Clouds filter
    4. Using the Filter Gallery
    5. Applying filters in the Gallery
    6. Taking advantage of Smart Filters
    7. Applying a Smart Filter
    8. Smart Filter options
    9. Enabling and disabling effects
    10. Using a filter effects mask
    11. Using the Vanishing Point filter
    12. Building your own perspective planes
    13. Building an attached plane
  3. Creating Images for Web and Video with Photoshop CS5
    1. Viewing the completed file
    2. Changing your units of measurement
    3. Creating the web page
    4. Adding the Text
    5. Adding Style to the text
    6. Creating the text for the links
    7. Positioning and distribution of text
    8. Creating slices
    9. Slicing it up
    10. Selecting and combining slices
    11. Applying attributes to your slices
    12. Using Save For Web & Devices
    13. Optimizing the image slices
    14. Saving files for video
    15. Creating animation
    16. Working in Frame mode
    17. Saving an animated GIF
    18. Creating animation for video
    19. Working in Timeline mode
  4. Introducing 3D
    1. Creating a 3D object
    2. Getting an image ready for 3D
    3. Wrapping the image around a soda can
    4. Adjusting the lighting
    5. Animating the soda can
    6. Testing your animation
    7. Using the Repoussé feature to create 3D Text
    8. Rasterizing your 3D images
  5. Adobe Photoshop CS5 New Features
    1. Mini Bridge
    2. Puppet Warp
    3. Turn 2D objects into 3D using Repoussé
    4. Content-Aware retouching
    5. Selections made easier

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