Advanced Adobe InDesign CS6 Training

This 1 day Adobe InDesign training class covers advanced features of InDesign CS6.  Students will learn to work with variables and cross references, to create books with a table of contents and index, to output documents in multiple formats, to work with XML and to create interactive PDFs.


  • Learn to work with variables, cross references
  • Learn to build a table of contents and index
  • Learn to publish documents in different formats
  • Learn to work with digital documents
  • Learn to work with digital documents and create digital books
  • Learn to create interactive PDFs


  1. Advanced Document Features
    1. Adding Text Variables
    2. Creating a Book from Multiple Files
    3. Defining Pagination and Document Order
    4. Synchronizing Attributes Across a Book File
    5. Creating Captions
    6. Creating a Table of Contents
    7. Building an Index
    8. Adding Topics
    9. Adding Cross-references
    10. Generating the Index
    11. Creating PDFs and Printing from the Book Panel
    12. Creating PDFs
    13. Printing
  2. Preflighting, Printing, and Creating PDFs from InDesign
    1. Package Inventory
    2. Preflight Checks
    3. Packaging Your Document
    4. Creating an Adobe PDF
    5. Separation Preview
    6. Printing a Proof
  3. Introduction to Digital Documents
    1. inDesign as Your Digital Publication Hub
    2. Interactive Design Considerations
    3. Importing Multimedia Content
    4. Adding a Hyperlink
    5. Creating a Multi-state Object
    6. Creating Buttons to Control a Multi-state Object
    7. Creating Page Transitions
    8. Creating Animations
    9. Previewing Your Document
    10. Exporting Your Document
    11. Creating an Interactive PDF
    12. Creating a SWF File
    13. New Layout Features
    14. Auto-size Text Frames
    15. Flexible Width Text Frames
    16. Layout Adjustments
    17. Liquid Layout
    18. Alternate Layouts
    19. Linked Content
    20. The Content Tools
    21. Creating PDF Forms
    22. Adding a Combo Box
    23. Creating a Submit Button
    24. Creating the PDF Form
  4. Creating Digital Books
    1. Using Styles
    2. Controlling Object Export Settings
    3. Adding Interactive Links
    4. Adding Hyperlinks
    5. Creating an Interactive Table of Contents
    6. Adding Document Metadata
    7. Creating an ePub
    8. Specifying Object Export Order
    9. Using Anchored Objects to Control Object Placement
    10. Specifying the Cover
    11. ePub Export Settings
    12. Testing Your ePub
    13. ePub Viewers
    14. Distributing ePub Files

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