Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Training

In this 2 day Flash Catalyst training class, you will learn to use Flash Catalyst CS5 to create fully interactive Flash projects from artwork created in Photoshop Illustrator and Fireworks without writing any code.


  • Learn to use Flash Catalyst CS5 to create projects from files created with other Adobe products.


  1. Getting to Know Flash Catalyst CS5
    1. Opening a new Flash Catalyst project
    2. Finding your way around
    3. Opening an existing Flash Catalyst project
    4. Exploring the Design workspace
    5. Previewing a project in a browser
    6. Getting Flash Catalyst Help
  2. Preparing, Importing, and Placing Artwork
    1. Preparing a design document
    2. Importing artwork
    3. Optimizing artwork
  3. Managing the Library
    1. Viewing the Library panel
    2. Deleting assets from the project
    3. Compressing images in the Library panel
    4. Renaming project assets
    5. Using assets in the Library panel
    6. Sharing project libraries
  4. Managing Layers
    1. Exploring the Layers panel
    2. Grouping objects
    3. Renaming objects in the Layers panel
    4. Optimizing complex groups
    5. Adding and deleting layers
    6. Stacking artwork using layers
  5. Working with Pages and States
    1. Page and component states
    2. Duplicating and modifying page states
    3. Adding and deleting states
  6. Creating Interactive Components
    1. The building blocks of RIAs
    2. Using wireframe components
    3. Converting artwork to built-in components
    4. Creating custom components
    5. Adding interactivity
  7. Creating Transitions and Action Sequences
    1. Transitions and action sequences
    2. Inspecting default transition effects
    3. Adding smooth transitions
    4. Fine-tuning transitions
    5. Adding and changing effects
    6. Adding action sequences
    7. Flash Catalyst helper effects
  8. Adding and Controlling Video And Sound
    1. Preparing video for the web
    2. Importing and previewing video and sound
    3. Adding video to an application
    4. Controlling video playback
    5. Adding sound effects
  9. Integrating SWFs from Other Creative Suite Tools
    1. SWF files
    2. Adding SWF files to Flash Catalyst
    3. Controlling the playback of SWF files
    4. Adding a SWF file to a component
  10. Designing with Data
    1. Flash Catalyst data lists
    2. Creating a Data List component
    3. Setting data list properties
    4. Using design-time data
    5. Using a wireframe data list
  11. Drawing and Editing Artwork
    1. Flash Catalyst drawing tools
    2. Using the rulers, guides, and grid
    3. Drawing basic shapes and lines
    4. Changing stroke and fill
    5. Grouping and transforming
    6. Applying and removing filters
    7. Round-trip editing with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  12. Publishing a Project
    1. Delivery options
    2. Publishing your application
    3. Viewing the published files
    4. Publishing to the web with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

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