Microsoft Expression Web Design Training Course

Having a clean and well-optimized website can, in some cases, make or break a company's marketing strategy. As more and more people access information through their computers or smartphones, it makes sense for businesses to invest more time in constructing a quality site for potential customers to visit.

The Microsoft Expression Web development suite is an array of tools designed to make site creation simple for both beginners and veterans of the information technology (IT) industry. However, as the learning curve for website making can be somewhat daunting, a computer certification course from Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) offers an in-depth walkthrough on the finer points of the programming package.

The AMS Microsoft Expression training seminar covers the steps required to make a fully-realized interactive website. Participants will learn how to write HTML and CSS-enabled code under the guidance of Subject Matter Experts, IT industry professionals who understand the subtle tricks of the trade necessary to succeed in the field.

Each lesson begins with an introduction on a topic, followed by an instructor-led example. After going through the subject, trainees are assigned an exercise to complete either in groups or on their own. Once everyone is finished, the class comes together and reviews the solution before moving on to the next skill.

Students begin by exploring the user interface of the Microsoft Expression program, focusing on task panels and the various functions in the toolbar. Other lessons include site templates, HTML tag creation, hypertext utilization, link and image integration, CSS, JavaScript protocols and information table placement.

Whether it's for a business or an individual, an AMS course offers the skills necessary for professional success in the IT industry. To learn more, check out our online course offering for information about class dates, prerequisites and course materials.

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