Developing Mobile Websites Training Course

As more people drop their clunky desktop PCs in favor of smartphones and tablet computers, the need for websites that are optimized for mobile interfaces is sure to grow. Because of the unique challenges posed to computer programmers who are used to working in traditional environments, information technology (IT) professionals need a way to learn these new skills in a cost-efficient and timely way. Those trying to obtain this knowledge should look no further than an Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) certification course that focuses on mobile website development.

Every AMS lesson is taught by a Subject Matter Expert, an industry veteran who understands the ins and outs of the IT field. A normal lesson begins with an introduction to a concept and an instructor-led example. He or she guides the class through the topic, then assigns an exercise to be completed individually or in a group. Finally, everyone comes together to review the assignment before moving on to the next topic.

During the mobile Web development course, participants begin with lessons on the effectiveness of this type of site and how it can benefit a business. From there, students review the flexible grid system and how to integrate various types of media into the general framework.

A major component in the class is the overview of HTML5, one of the major programming languages used for mobile environments. This lesson covers the basic forms of the language, how to store data and examples of how it is utilized. Other topics covered include GeoLocation API, video optimization, the jQuery Mobile system and Foundation.

Both companies and individuals have a lot to gain from an AMS IT certification course. The hands-on lesson structure, led by a Subject Matter Expert, is sure to help anyone achieve their career goals or quarterly objectives. To learn more about how an AMS course can help you or your business, check out our online class schedule or contact a customer service representative today.

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