WordPress Training Course

The WordPress system is one of the most user-friendly blogging systems currently available to information technology (IT) businesses and professionals. Whether users are writing about industry developments or posting press releases, WordPress offers a wide variety of publishing options without the hassle of programming a unique content-delivery system. In order to learn the skills necessary to operate the program efficiently, companies may benefit from participation in an IT certification course conducted by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS).

The focus of the AMS WordPress training course is on basic functionality and media integration. Every course is taught by a Subject Matter Expert, an industry professional who understands what it takes to succeed in the IT field. Beginning with a guided example, trainees work through exercises that illustrate the topic being presented.

Initial lessons cover the differences between blogging and content delivery, with an emphasis on the WordPress system. Participants learn how to install the program or access it via browser, and create a dummy account to practice the different features the Web-based application offers.

Other subjects overviewed by the Subject Matter Experts include content publishing procedures, category selection, permalinking, image placement and field creation. Trainees also study the navigation of the WordPress widget suite, which allows users to customize their accounts in variety of ways. This system can be used to make theme templates with HTML, embed content tags and manage the settings for content delivery.

By utilizing a WordPress account, IT businesses and professionals can boost their website's credibility with content by way of an easy-to-handle program. The AMS course is designed to teach the necessary skills that will enable participants to showcase their abilities in the global marketplace. For information about scheduling and class requirements, log on to our website or contact a customer service representative today.

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