Cisco report indicates cloud networking professionals may soon be in demand

According to Cisco's Global Cloud Index report, which was released on November 29, cloud computing is expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the course of the next three years. Overall, the report found that cloud computing traffic currently represents only 11 percent of total data center traffic, however, this figure is expected to rise to 34 percent by 2015.

Many business are beginning to turn to cloud computing as way to improve their data storage while providing their employees with benefits that increase productivity, such as the ability to access essential work documents from any of the company's locations. Studies have found that this can reduce travel expenses and boost accountability in a business.

"Cloud and data center traffic is exploding, driven by user demand to access volumes of content on the devices of their choice," said Suraj Shetty, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Cisco. "The result: greater data center virtualization and relevance of the network for cloud applications and the need to make sense of a dynamically evolving situation."

Due to the growth in this industry, businesses may need to rely on a new wave of IT professionals who can best manage these complex data processes. Since, Cisco itself offers VoIP phones and other cloud computing technology, individuals who pursue a Cisco certificate may be poised to take a bigger role in their current or future positions.

Cisco VoIP training may be the most advantageous for these students, as it certifies applicants who can operate, troubleshoot and configure converged IP networks. As such, those who want to take advantage of a potentially growing industry may want to seek out online classes that can help prepare them for this career move. 

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