Linux Fundamentals

This 5 day class is a challenging course that focuses on the fundamental tools and concepts of Linux and Unix. Students gain proficiency using the command line. Beginners develop a solid foundation in Unix, while advanced users discover patterns and fill in gaps in their knowledge. Like all of our courses, the course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience. Topics include: basic file manipulation; basic and advanced filesystem features; I/O redirection and pipes; text
manipulation and regular expressions; managing jobs and processes; vi, the
standard Unix editor; automating tasks with shell scripts; managing software;
secure remote administration; and more.


Students should be comfortable with computers. No
familiarity with Linux or other Unix operating systems is required.

Supported Distributions:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

Course Outline:

  1. What is Linux?
  2. Login and Exploration
  3. The Linux Filesystem
  4. Manipulating Files
  5. Shell Basics
  6. Archiving and Compression
  7. Text Processing
  8. Regular Expressions
  9. Text Editing

10. Command Shells

11. Introduction to Shell Scripting

12. Process Management and Job Control

13. Managing Software

14. Messaging

15. Printing

16. The Secure Shell (SSH)

17. Mounting Filesystems & Managing Removable Media

18. Pre-Installation Considerations

19. Installing RHEL6

20. Installing SLES11

To Hire an AMS Red Hat Linux Subject Matter Expert Consultant and Instructor who also teaches this class, call us today @ 800-798-3901!

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