Information System Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP)

Our 5-day instructor led ISSAP Boot Camp is designed for CISSPs who specialize in designing security solutions with risk-based guidance to meet organizational security needs. This concentration is fundamentally the consultative and analytical process of information security in an organization.

Student Audience:
This class is for students who specialize in designing security solutions and providing management with risk-based guidance to meet organizational needs.

CISSAP Training Outline: 

Domain 1: Security Architecture Analysis
• Module 1: Approach to Security Architecture
• Module 2: Conducting the Requirements Analysis
• Module 3: Designing the Security Model
• Module 4: Conduct Design Verification and Validation
Domain 2: Communication and Network Security
• Module 1: The Communication Architecture
• Module 2: The Network Architecture
• Module 3: Protecting the Communications and Networks
• Module 4: Security Design Considerations and Associated Risks
Domain 3: Physical Security Considerations
• Module 1: Assessing the Physical Security Requirements
• Module 2: Integration of Physical Products and Systems
• Module 3: Solution Evaluation
Domain 4: Cryptography
• Module 1: Cryptography Requirements
• Module 2: Design Considerations and Constraints
• Module 3: Key Management Life Cycle
• Module 4: Integrated Solutions
• Module 5: Identity System Integration
Domain 5: Technology-Related Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
• Module 1: Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Requirements
• Module 2: What are the Strategies for Availability and Recovery?
• Module 3: Designing the Continuity Recovery Solution
Domain 6: Access Control Systems and Methodology
• Module 1: Access Control Key Concepts, Methodologies, and Techniques
• Module 2: Architecture of Identity and Access Management

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