Why you should move to Oracle 12c!

The Oracle 12c Revolution!

If you have not yet taken a serious look at moving your existing and planned databases to Oracle 12c, you should clearly do so as soon as possible. Upgrading to Oracle 12c will be the most challenging upgrade ever due to the dramatic and powerful changes made to the architecture.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should start working on moving to Oracle 12c immediately:

1. Oracle 12c Release 1, Version was released well over a year ago. By this time, many companies have provided the feedback needed to make this an extremely stable product. When first introduced, many industry experts predicted that its major new feature, Multitenant Architecture, would soon become the only way to run an Oracle database. From the first, Oracle stated that all databases created in the future should be created using Multitenant Architecture.

2. Many industry experts felt that the transition to using only container databases would not happen until Oracle 13 or at the very least Oracle 12c Release 2. However, just a few months ago, Oracle 12c Release 1 Version came out. With that version, non-container databases (single tenant) were DEPRECATED.

3. How big is Multitenant Architecture from an administration standpoint? The Oracle 11g Database Administration Guide was 35 chapters. At 12c, eleven new chapters were added – all devoted to Multitenant Architecture!

4. A whole new class of views, CDB views, had to be created for the new architecture and columns reflecting this new architecture are now contained in 2,415 data dictionary views.

5. Oracle is devoting over two-thirds of their New Features class to this one topic and has a separate three-day class on it.

6. Multitenant Architecture solves all the problems of data consolidation. Oracle now guarantees that if a non-container database is converted to a pluggable database and made a part of a container database, 100% of all the code previously written will run without modification.

7. Multitenant Architecture allows a whole new level of security. Each application can be isolated in its own database. Users can be created only for that application with privileges limited to that application.

8. Administrative tasks become greatly simplified. A single patch can be applied that affects all the databases within the container. The entire group of databases can be backed up as a single group. The entire group can be protected by a single Data Guard instance. Scripts and programs can be run against all databases in the group with a single command.

9. New databases can be created, and existing databases cloned with simple commands run from SQL*Plus or a GUI tool.

10. New capabilities in Resource Manager allow resources to be allocated to each pluggable database in the container.

The architectural changes are extremely significant and require substantial planning.For this reason, Oracle Database Administrators are urged to start planning now for this revolutionary new upgrade.

To take advantage and benefit from the new features of Oracle 12c, schedule your team to attend an Oracle 12c New Features class today!  Click on the link below to view the outline for this new class:



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