Oracle unveils details for Big Data Appliance

A new option for businesses looking to manage their enterprise data operations was revealed January 10, when Oracle announced the details on its new Big Data Appliance. As businesses look to implement the new data solution, they may increasingly require skilled workers to manage and maintain this data, a reality that could benefit individuals who seek Oracle certification.

In unveiling its Big Data Appliance, Oracle also announced its partnership with the enterprise software firm Cloudera. This agreement allowed Oracle to implement Apache Hadoop-based tools and distribution into its new data machine, providing users with a higher level of performance, according to a press release.

The machine also incorporates a handful of other notable software solutions, all of which run on Oracle's Sun servers. These programs include Oracle HotSpot Java Virtual Machine and the Oracle NoSQL Database Community Edition.

With a price tag of $450,000 – plus an annual fee of 12 percent for software and hardware support – the Big Data Appliance is meant to be a data solution for larger corporations.

"Cloudera offers mature, reliable, and innovative products and services and we look forward to working with them to deliver the industry's most complete Big Data solution for our customers," Andy Mendelsohn, the senior vice president of Oracle Server Technologies, said in a press release.

Companies looking to implement the data solution in their workplace may increasingly rely on in-house computer professionals for maintenance and support. Individuals interested in this potential line-of-work can turn to online computer training to receive the benefits of Oracle certification. This distinction may also help distinguish their application from the pack in what may be a competitive job environment.

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