IT job openings are staying unfilled, a new report suggests

In recent weeks, a number of the nation's top news sources have indicated that the IT sector is going to see job growth in 2012. But, while those who pursued computer training successfully in the past may feel confident that they can take advantage of some of these openings, a new report suggests that landing a new job may not be as simple as applying with past experience or older certifications in the IT industry.

According to a January 6 article by tech reporter Carrie Ghose that was published in Business First, many IT companies have open positions, but the individuals who are applying for these openings don't have the qualifications to simply slide into these better paying jobs.

Ghose says that this is because many businesses have reduced their IT expenses during the recession and are currently grappling with the question of whether to continue trimming their expenditures or invest in new products that could help them innovate in their field. For instance, while many businesses say they are interested in putting resources into VoIP technology, cloud computing and other new tech solutions, only time will tell if owners and managers actually take the required steps to boost their communications capabilities.

Adding to this quandary is that many IT professionals currently have good paying jobs, and as a result, they may be unwilling to switch companies until they see the perfect opportunity arise. However, those who are looking for work in the IT sector may want to take note, and secure the online training they need from a Microsoft certified instructor.

By investing in Microsoft training or a CompTIA certification in cloud computing, however, individuals who are having trouble getting offers for these new positions may be able to gain the skills they need to compete and prosper in 2012.

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