Oracle ADF 11g

This 5 day instructor led Oracle ADF Training class will concentrate on ADF-BC, ADF Controller and ADF Faces. There would be numerous small exercises and a whole sample project that we are going to implement during the course. Also we’ll try to get a sneak peek into how Oracle Application is using ADF in their Fusion Applications. Training will ensure that you get a head start in Oracle Fusion Technologies.


Basic knowledge of XML & Java

Class Outline                                                                                                                 

• ADF Basics

• ADF Architecture

• Understanding JDeveloper

• Explain sample application

• Database schema modeling

• ADFbc Basics

• Entity Objects and View Objects

• Associations and View Links

• Declarative validation and business logic

• Programmatic validation and business logic

• Application Modules and Testing ADFbc

• Troubleshoot ADFbc

• Introduction to UI technology

• Understanding ADFm and data bindings

• Designing User Interface

• Understanding task flows

• Implementing navigation between pages

• Controlling transactions between flows

• Building a simple UI page

• Creating data-bound page

• Understanding Managed Beans

• Rendering partial page content

• Handling Events and listeners

• Understanding Layout basics

• Using input components and forms

• Using Tables and Trees in UI

• Building Master-Detail UI

• Building Search UI

• Using list-of-values in UI

• Using popup, dialog and menus

• Using navigation components

• Using trains in UI

• Displaying tips, messages and help content

• Contextual Events

• Passing parameters between flows

• Reusing flows and regions

• Using templates

• Using declarative components

• Using data visualization components on UI

• Troubleshoot ADF application

• Refactoring the code

• Reusing application components

• Deploying application

• Advanced ADFbc techniques

• Exposing web services from ADFbc

• Using ADF UI as portlet

To Hire a proven an Oracle ADF Subject Matter Expert Consultant and Instructor who teaches this class, call 800-798-3901 today

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