Intuit rolls out new version of QuickBooks

Businesses that have relied on QuickBooks software to manage accounting may want to consider the software's latest upgrade, which reviewers say makes incremental improvements from past versions.

QuickBooks Pro 2012 doesn't necessarily rewrite the software from the ground up, but its handful of upgrades may simplify a handful of functions for long-time users, wrote PCPro in a review. Its most notable new function may be an ability to update worksheets that have been exported to Microsoft Excel within the software itself, reviewers wrote.

In addition, an Excel plugin may provide smoother integration between the two programs, said the report. Other highlights included a new calendar view and batch timesheet feature.

QuickBooks Pro sits between the affordable Simple Start and more expansive Premier versions. Professionals in a number of industries have moved to QuickBooks software for accounting, replacing traditional programs such as Microsoft Excel.

The magazine ConstructTech, for instance, noted the company's industry-specific software offers construction firms greater leeway in the types of data they can track and the number of applications they can manage.

However, finding professionals who understand the software can be a challenge, particularly for those who are making the transition to QuickBooks for the first time.

QuickBooks training programs can allow many companies the opportunity to educate current workers on the software. Skilled computer instructors may be able to provide expert training and support for companies in transition.

Other businesses may prefer to look outside their own firms for individuals who have already completed computer training and understand the software inside and out. As a result, job-seekers who have completed QuickBooks training may be a step ahead of their competition in the challenging employment market.

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