Introduction to Adobe Captivate 5 Training

In this 2 day Captivate training class students will be introduced to the essential Adobe Captivate 5 skills needed to get up and running with Captivate 5 as quickly as possible. Using Adobe Captivate 5, you can capture screen shots on your computer and quickly turn them into lessons or movies. The movies you create can be interactive and you can add images, captions, rollovers, clickable areas, typing areas and sound effects.


  • Learn how to capture screen shots on your computer and turn them into movies with Captivate 5.
  • Learn how to make visually appealing and interactive movies by adding such things as images, captions, rollovers, clickable areas, typing areas, narrative, and sound effects.
  • Learn to create quizzes with Captivate 5 that can be integrated into a Learning Management System.
  • Learn to create rollovers and zoom areas with Captivate 5.
  • Learn to add Flash animations with Captivate 5.


  1. eLearning and Captivate 5
    1. Education Through Pictures
    2. Planning eLearning Projects
    3. The Development Process
    4. The Captivate 5 Interface
    5. Set General Preferences
    6. Explore a Project
    7. Explore Project Views
    8. Navigate a Project
    9. Preview a Project
    10. Zoom Closer to a Slide
    11. View the Timeline and Library
  2. Recording Demonstrations and Assessments
    1. Rehearse a Script
    2. Set Recording Preferences and Keys
    3. Record a Demonstration
    4. Record an Assessment Simulation
    5. Record a Training Simulation
    6. Record a Custom Assessment Simulation
  3. FMRs, Panning and Image Slideshows
    1. Create an FMR
    2. Record a Lesson With Panning
    3. Create an Image Slideshow
  4. Text Captions & the Timeline
    1. Duplicate a Slide and Hide the Mouse
    2. Insert, Resize and Move Text Captions
    3. Change Text Caption Properties
    4. Change an Object’s Slide Position and Size
    5. View the Timeline
    6. Change a Slide’s Display Time
    7. Change Timeline View Settings
    8. Use the Timeline to Set Object Display Times
    9. Show/Hide Timeline Objects
    10. Use Options to Control Object Timing
    11. Set Mouse Properties
    12. Check Spelling
    13. Align Slide Objects
  5. Images and Drawing Objects
    1. Insert and Delete Slides
    2. Insert an Image
    3. Set Image Size and Slide Position
    4. Use the Library
    5. Manage Unused Project Assets
    6. Control Transparency
    7. Create an Image Watermark
    8. Set Image Timing Options and Transition Effects
    9. Work With Image Stacks
    10. Add a Visual Mouse Click and Click Sound
    11. Insert a Drawing Object
  6. Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes
    1. Change the Pointer Path
    2. Change the Pointer Type
    3. Edit Slide and Object Display Times
    4. Insert a Text Button
    5. Set a Button’s Options
    6. Insert an Image Button
    7. Insert and Format a Highlight Box
  7. Rollovers and Zoom Areas
    1. Insert a Rollover Caption
    2. Set Rollover Area Properties
    3. Insert a Rollover Image
    4. Insert a Zoom Area
    5. Insert a Rollover Slidelet
    6. Set Rollover Slidelet Properties
    7. Format and Position a Slidelet
    8. Insert a Caption Into a Slidelet
    9. Insert an Image Into a Slidelet
  8. Slide Labels, Notes and Audio
    1. Change Slide Background Quality
    2. Add a Slide Label
    3. Add a Slide Note
    4. Add Sound to a Slide Object
    5. Add Background Audio
    6. Calibrate a Microphone
    7. Record Audio
    8. Import Slide Audio
    9. Edit an Audio File
    10. Insert Silence
    11. Convert Slide Notes to Speech
  9. Animation and Flash Video
    1. Change a Project’s Frame Rate
    2. Add Animation to a Slide
    3. Insert Text Animation
    4. Insert Flash Video
    5. Set Flash Video Properties
  10. Converting Demonstrations Into Simulations
    1. Hide the Mouse
    2. Replace Phrases
    3. Insert a Click Box
    4. Set Click Box Options
    5. Change a Slide’s Display Time
    6. Set a Text Caption Transition
    7. Insert a Text Entry Box
  11. Introduction to Question Slides
    1. Set Quiz Preferences
    2. Insert a Question Slide
    3. Add an Image to a Question Slide
    4. Reuse a Slide Background
    5. Format the Question Title
    6. Use the Slide Grid
    7. Format the Progress Indicator
  12. Publishing
    1. Link to a Web Site
    2. Apply a Skin
    3. Edit and Save a Skin
    4. Delete a Skin
    5. Add a Loading Screen
    6. Set Project Information
    7. Create a TOC
    8. Publish a Flash (SWF)
    9. Publish Word Handouts
    10. Export Captions
    11. Perform a “Round Trip”

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