Introduction to Adobe Captivate 6 Training

In this 2 day Captivate training class students will be introduced to the essential Adobe Captivate 6 skills needed to get up and running with Captivate 6 as quickly as possible. Using Adobe Captivate 6, you can capture screen shots on your computer and quickly turn them into lessons or movies. The movies you create can be interactive and you can add images, captions, rollovers, clickable areas, typing areas and sound effects.


  • Learn how to capture screen shots on your computer and turn them into movies with Captivate 6.
  • Learn how to make visually appealing and interactive movies by adding such things as images, captions, rollovers, clickable areas, typing areas, narrative, and sound effects.
  • Learn to create quizzes with Captivate 6 that can be integrated into a Learning Management System.
  • Learn to create rollovers and zoom areas with Captivate 6.
  • Learn to add Flash animations with Captivate 6.


  1. Learning and Captivate
    1. Education Through Pictures
    2. Planning eLearning Projects
    3. The Captivate Environment
      1. Explore a Finished Captivate Project
    4. Workspaces
      1. Explore the Default Workspaces
      2. Create a Workspace
      3. Zoom and Magnify
      4. Navigate a Project
    5. Previewing
      1. Previewing a Project
    6. Blank Projects
      1. Create a New, Blank Project
      2. Insert Standard Objects onto Slides
  2. Recording Screen Actions
    1. Resolution and Recording Size
    2. The Development Process
    3. Preparing to Record
      1. Rehearse a Script
      2. Review Recording Settings
    4. Access for Assistive Devices
      1. Enable Access for Assistive Devices
    5. Multi-Mode Recording
      1. Review Default Recording Mode Settings
      2. Record Using Multiple Modes
    6. Custom Recordings
      1. Record a Custom Simulation
    7. Panning
      1. Record a Demonstration that Pans
    8. Manual Recording
      1. Record the Screen Manually
  3. Captions, Styles and Timing
    1. Text Captions
      1. Insert, Resize and Move Text Captions
      2. Modify Text Caption Properties
    2. Caption Styles
      1. Edit the Default Caption Styles
    3. Callouts
      1. Change a Callout Used by a Text Caption
    4. The Timeline
      1. Control Slide Timing
      2. Control Slide Object Timing
      3. Check Spelling
      4. Align Slide Objects
  4. Images and Smart Shapes
    1. Images
      1. Insert, Resize and Restore an Image
      2. Transform an Image’s Size and Position
    2. The Library
      1. Use the Library
      2. Manage Unused Project Assets
    3. Image Editing
      1. Crop and Rename an Image
      2. Remove a Background Color
    4. Smart Shapes
      1. Insert a Cloud Callout
    5. Image Slideshows
      1. Create an Image Slideshow
  5. Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes
    1. Mouse Effects
      1. Add a Visual Click and Sound
    2. Pointer Paths and Types
      1. Modify the Mouse Pointer
    3. Buttons
      1. Insert and Format a Text Button
      2. Set a Button’s Pause After Timing
      3. Work With Image Buttons
    4. Highlight Boxes
      1. Insert and Format a Highlight Box
  6. Rollovers, Zoom Areas and Slidelets
    1. Rollover Captions
      1. Insert a Rollover Caption
    2. Rollover Images
      1. Insert a Rollover Image
    3. Zoom Areas
      1. Insert a Zoom Area
    4. Rollover Slidelets
      1. Insert a Rollover Slidelet
  7. Audio
    1. Object Audio
      1. Import Audio onto a Slide Object
      2. Import Background Audio
    2. Slide Notes
      1. Add a Slide Note
    3. Recording Audio
      1. Calibrate a Microphone
      2. Record Slide Audio
    4. Slide Audio
      1. Import a Voice-over onto a Slide
      2. Edit an Audio File
    5. Silence
      1. Insert Silence
    6. Text-to-Speech
      1. Convert Text-to-Speech
  8. Video, Animation and Effects
    1. Video
        1. Insert a Flash Video
        2. Set Flash Video Propertie


    2. Animation
      1. Add Animation to a Slide
    3. Text Animation
      1. Insert Text Animation
    4. Object Effects
      1. Apply an Effect to a Slide Object
      2. Apply a Glow Filter Effect
      3. Modify Effect Properties
      4. Save and Import Effects
  9. Click and Text Entry Boxes
    1. Demonstrations versus Simulations
      1. Hide the Mouse
    2. Find and Replace
      1. Replace Phrases
    3. Click Boxes
      1. Insert a Click Box
    4. Text Entry Boxes
      1. Insert a Text Entry Box
  10. Working with PowerPoint
    1. PowerPoint as a Starting Point
      1. Import PowerPoint Slides
      2. Resize One Object and Apply to All
      3. Round-Trip PowerPoint Edits
    2. PowerPoint Collaboration
      1. Synch with Source
    3. Rescaling Projects
      1. Rescale a Project
  11. Introduction to Question Slides
    1. Quiz Setup
      1. Edit Quizzing Object Styles
      2. Set the Quiz Preferences
    2. Creating a Quiz
      1. Insert Question Slides
      2. Format a Question Slide
      3. Add an Image to a Question Slide
  12. Finishing Touches
    1. URL Actions
      1. Create a Link to a Web Site
    2. Skins
      1. Apply a Skin
      2. Edit, Save and Delete a Skin
    3. Table of Contents
      1. Create a TOC
    4. Preloaders
      1. Check Publish Settings and Add a Loading Screen
    5. Publishing
      1. Publish a SWF and PDF
      2. Run the HTML5 Tracker
      3. Publish as HTML5
    6. Round Tripping
      1. Export Captions
      2. Perform a “Round Trip”

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