CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA

This 5 day CompTIA Storage+ training will help students gain knowledge of storage concepts, components, and the ability to work on a storage networking environment.

The course is targeted at network or system administrators whose responsibilities include working with and supporting various storage technologies; storage professionals who have a minimum of 12 months hands-on technical storage experience; or IT Managers who need a thorough understanding of current storage technologies.


  • Examine the fundamentals of storage and network technologies.
  • Describe physical networking hardware.
  • Examine disk technologies.
  • Learn to identify removable media technologies.
  • Describe modular storage arrays and disk enclosures.
  • Examine storage network connectors and cabling.
  • Describe storage architectures.
  • Describe Ethernet network technologies.
  • Describe an FC SAN.
  • Describe storage management.
  • Describe storage network implementation.
  • Learn to identify storage virtualization concepts, technologies, and techniques.
  • examine storage network management.
  • Learn to evaluate storage performance.
  • Describe storage network security.


  1. Exploring Storage and Networking Fundamentals
    1. Storage Basics
    2. Describe Network Basics
    3. Identify Network Data Delivery Techniques
  2. Describing Physical Networking Hardware
    1. Describe Networking Hardware
    2. Examine HBA/NIC/PCI Technology
  3. Examining Disk Technologies
    1. Examine Disk Fundamentals
    2. Describe SATA Technology
    3. Describe SCSI/iSCSI Technologies
    4. Describe SAS Technology
    5. Describe the Fibre Channel Architecture
    6. Describe the RAID System
  4. Identifying Removable Media Technologies
    1. Describe Tape Technologies
    2. Describe Optical Disc and SSD Technologies
  5. Describing Modular Storage Arrays and Disk Enclosures
    1. Describe Modular Storage Array Technologies
    2. Describe Disk Enclosures
  6. Examining Storage Network Connectors and Cabling
    1. Describe Copper Cable Connectivity
    2. Describe Fiber Cable Connectivity
  7. Describing Storage Architectures
    1. Describe the DAS Architecture
    2. Describe the NAS Architecture
    3. Describe the SAN Architecture
    4. Describe Content Addressable Storage Technologies
  8. Describing Ethernet Network Technologies
    1. Describe Ethernet Networks
    2. Multipath over Ethernet Networks
    3. Protocols on Ethernet Networks
  9. Describing an FC SAN
    1. Describe the FC SAN Architecture
    2. Describe Zones
    3. Describe Fabric Services and Extension Technologies
    4. Describe Converged Storage Network Technologies
    5. Describe Multipathing Issues
  10. Describing Storage Management
    1. Topic 10A: Execute Storage Provisioning
    2. Topic 10B: Describe Volume Management
    3. Topic 10C: Monitor Storage Networks
    4. Topic 10D: Describe Storage De-duplication and Compression
    5. Topic 10E: Describe Management Protocols and Interfaces
    6. Topic 10F: Examine ILM
  11. Describing Storage Network Implementation
    1. Topic 11A: Identify Implementation Parameters of SAS/SATA
    2. Topic 11B: Describe Storage Networks That Use Switch Technology
    3. Topic 11C: Describe Storage Networks That Use HBA Technology
    4. Topic 11D: Describe Storage Layouts
    5. Topic 11E: Examine Storage Network Implementation Environmental Concerns
    6. Topic 11F: Examine Implementation and Maintenance Factors of Storage Equipment
  12. Introducing Storage Virtualization
    1. Topic 12A: Describe Storage Virtualization
    2. Topic 12B: Describe Storage Virtualization Implementation
    3. Topic 12C: Describe the SNIA Shared Storage Model
  13. Examining Storage Network Management
    1. Topic 13A: Describe Storage Network Management
    2. Topic 13B: Describe SAN Management
    3. Topic 13C: Troubleshoot Common Network Problems
    4. Topic 13D: Troubleshoot Common FC Problems
  14. Evaluating Storage Performance
    1. Topic 14A: Identify Storage Latency and Throughput
    2. Topic 14B: Examine Tuning and Workload Balance
    3. Topic 14C: Evaluate Storage Device Bandwidth
    4. Topic 14D: Evaluate Network Device Bandwidth
    5. Topic 14E: Evaluate Storage and Host Tools
  15. Securing Storage Networks
    1. Topic 15A: Describe Storage Security
    2. Topic 15B: Manage Storage Redundancy
    3. Topic 15C: Examine Backup and Recovery Technologies
    4. Topic 15D: Describe Business Continuity
  16. Appendix A: Mapping Course Content to the CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA (Exam SG0-001) Exam Objectives
  17. Appendix B: CompTIA Storage+ Acronyms

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