CompTia Convergence+ Certification Training

With IT jobs among the fastest growing careers in the United States, now is the time for American professionals to secure training in niche sectors that may allow them to further their career aims while enhancing their earning power. By looking at an online provider's course catalogs and keeping up with technology trends, these individuals may be able to learn skills that will help ensure they pass the test on the first attempt, and as such, are able to quickly apply for new positions.

One such certification that may interest aspiring IT professionals or those looking to increase their position in their industry is the CompTIA Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP+) certification, which recently replaced the CompTIA Convergence+ exam.

While there are no official prerequisites for the exam, those who take the test without securing additional training from experts may not be able to pass the 65-question test on the first attempt. After all, CompTIA recommends that those who take the test have 18 to 24 months of work experience in data networking, convergence-related technologies or telephony systems.

By taking classes with certified instructors, interested individuals can gain the latest knowledge that they need to confidently pass the new exam. Since CompTIA only recently adopted CTP+ as its convergent technologies exam, these job seekers may want to work with professionals who are well-versed in the new skills these tests cover.

With this certification, interested individuals can gain the tools they need to become server technicians, internet systems administrators, field support technicians or system and network administrators. In addition, since, an online resource for professionals, indicates individuals with this certification earn an average of more than $60,000 annually, this type of training may be exactly what IT job seekers are looking for to reach their financial goals.

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