Bestselling job hunting book comes to the Web

While applicants to new IT jobs can increase their skills with applicable certifications, they also need to possess the intangibles thatmployers are looking for. This includes drafting the right resume, applying for the right jobs and displaying the kind of behaviors and traits that can help an individual get through the hiring stages and up the corporate ladder. However, a new course looks to use a popular book to make this process easier.

On December 5, Capella Education Company announced an agreement with Dick Bolles, the bestselling author of "What Color is Your Parachute?" a notable job hunting book that has served as a guide for many individuals who wanted to increase their career prospects.

As a result, Capella will now offer an online course that will teach job seekers the same skills that Bolles detailed in his famous textbook. Included in the interactive course will be insights from the author himself, a section that prepares students for the job market and an online job postings community graduates can use to apply for jobs.

"This online course offers a fun, easy and flexible way for people to learn more about their own career goals, and then how to leverage that information into finding their dream job," Tyler Norenberg, director of strategy and business development for Capella Education Company, said in a press release.

While using Bolle's book or course as a way to better conduct a job search can have its benefits, individuals may want to augment this additional training with classes from a trusted online institution. For example, by earning a Cisco certificate in a growing field, then learning tricks to bolster their resumes and interview skills, job candidates could be fully prepared for the challenges of the current job market. 

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