Annual talent survey reveals growing “skills gap” in America

According to a study released last month by employment research firm ManpowerGroup, 49 percent of of American employers are struggling to find candidates to fill important positions in their companies.

While the group stressed that there was improvement here – the numbers were down from 52 percent in 2011 – the report found that the "skills gap" remains in spite of high unemployment rates across the nation. The research  organization also noted in its report that the United States fares worse than its global competitors, of which 34 percent are reporting similar issues.

"Based on the many conversations we have with employers every day, ManpowerGroup recognizes the ongoing challenge business leaders face when looking for the right talent. This skills mismatch has major ramifications on employment and business success in the United States and around the globe," Jonas Prising, president for the Americas for ManpowerGroup, said in the firm's press release.

The "Talent Shortage Survey," which was sent to almost 40,000 employers across 41 countries and territories, found that the positions most sought are those in skilled trades, engineers and IT professionals. In addition to the results, the organization proposed measures for combating the shortage, including the exploration of alternative work structures like remote access, strategic migration of identified talent and more flexible hours.

"Wise corporate leaders are doing something about it, and we increasingly see that they're developing workforce strategies and partnerships with local educational institutions to train their next generation of workers," Prising added in the statement.

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