Adobe InDesign CS5 with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for iPad

In this 1 day Adobe InDesign for iPad class, you will learn to use InDesign, in conjunction with the tools in Digital Publishing Suite, to create interactive documents, complete with media and links, for publication to iPad. This course is geared toward experienced InDesign users who are familiar with basic features, such as style sheets, image placement and document management. To get the most out of this course, we suggest that you attend our Introduction to InDesign CS5 course first.


  • Learn to set up articles as iPad documents in InDesign
  • Learn to create native interactive elements in InDesign.
  • Learn to use the Interactive Overlay Creator to add audio and video, and to create 360º rotations and other interactive elements.
  • Learn to use the Content Bundler to create .folio files and manage articles within the folio.


  1. Digital  Publishing Suite Components
    1. InDesign CS5
    2. Overlay Creator Plug-in
    3. Digital Content Bundler
    4. InDesign Digital Publishing Plug-in
    5. Adobe Viewer
  2. Setting Up the iPad Document in InDesign CS5
    1. File Naming Protocol
    2. Structuring Article Stacks
    3. Sizing the Document for iPad
    4. Page Orientation: Vertical, Horizontal or Both
  3. Creating Native Interactive Elements
    1. Hyperlinks
    2. Buttons
    3. Multi-state Objects
    4. Animations
    5. Scrollable Frames
    6. Table of Contents
  4. Understanding the Folder Structure
    1. Stacks
    2. Links
    3. Fonts
  5. Interactive Overlay Creator
    1. Setting Up the Overlay Resources Folder
    2. Pans and Panoramas
    3. Adding Audio/Video
      1. Delays, Auto-starts, Loops, Taps and Swipes
    4. Adding Audio
    5. Controller Skins
  6. The Content Bundler
    1. Anatomy of a .folio File
    2. Adding Stacks
    3. Managing Stack Order
    4. Specifying Metadata
    5. Export Options
    6. Uploading  Content to a Server

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