Advanced Adobe Illustrator CS6 Training

In this 1 day advanced Adobe Illustrator training course, students will learn advanced features of Illustrator CS6 that will help them work more efficiently and effectively.


  • Learn to work with layers.
  • Learn to work with perspective drawing tools.
  • Learn to blend colors and shapes.
  • Learn to apply effects.
  • Learn to work with appearance attributes and graphic styles.
  • Learn to work with symbols.
  • Learn to combine Illustrator with other Adobe applications.


  1. Working with Symbols
    1. Cleaning Out the Symbol Library
    2. Creating Symbols
    3. Editing Symbols
    4. Importing a Symbol Library
    5. Using the Symbolism Tools
    6. Editing Nested Symbols
    7. Replacing Symbols
    8. Saving Symbol Libraries
  2. Using Effects and Transparency
    1. Working with the Appearance Panel and Effects
    2. Applying the Effects
    3. Editing Effects
    4. Using Graphic Styles
    5. Creating and Saving Graphic Styles
    6. Applying and Modifying Graphic Styles
    7. Working with Object Transparency
    8. Working with Multiple Opacities
    9. Working with Blending Modes
    10. Saving and Importing Graphic Styles
    11. Applying Graphic Styles to Layers and Symbols
  3. Exporting and Saving Files
    1. Saving Using the AI File Format
    2. Saving an Illustration with Layers
    3. Make a Template Layer
    4. Using the Transform Effect
    5. Duplicating a Stroke
    6. Saving Different Versions of the Logo onto Separate Layers
    7. Expanding Appearance
    8. Save the First Version
    9. Using Live Paint
    10. Using the Color Guide Panel
    11. Saving the Third Version
    12. Using Recolor Artwork
    13. Saving a Layered PDF
    14. Integration with Other Applications
    15. Exporting for Photoshop
    16. Integrating with InDesign
    17. Integrating with Flash
    18. Integrating with Microsoft Expression Blend (XAML)
    19. Integrating with Premiere and After Effects
    20. Saving as EPS
    21. Save for Web
    22. Making a Flash Animation
  4. Advanced Blending Techniques
    1. Using the Blend Tool
    2. Applying a Gradient
    3. Applying Radial Gradients
    4. Applying Gradients Using Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh Options
    5. Adjusting the Mesh
    6. Revisiting Blend Options
    7. More Mesh Work
    8. Overlapping Images
    9. Applying a Gradient Mesh Using the Mesh Tool
    10. Finishing Up with the Mesh Tool and Automatically Adding a Highlight
    11. Using the Symbol Tools
    12. Creating a Symbol
    13. Modifying a Symbol’s Appearance

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