Using Java Design Patterns

In this 2 day training class students will learn how to incorporate Java Design Patterns into the software development lifecycle. This class is composed of 50% lecture and 50% hands on labs.

Supported Platforms: Java

Skills Gained:

  • Explore and understand basic Design Pattern
  • Use Design Patterns effectively to build
    robust, well designed, reusable systems
  • Be familiar with the GOF Patterns
  • Creational: Abstract Factory – (full), Factory Method –
    (full), Singleton –
    (full), Builder – (brief), Prototype – (brief)
  • Structural: Composite – (full), Adapter – (full), Proxy –
    (full), Bridge –
    (brief), Facade – (brief), Decorator – (brief)
  • Behavioral: Observer – (full), Strategy – (full), Iterator
    – (full), Visitor
    – (short), Interpreter – (short), Chain of Command – (short), Command
    – (short), Mediator – (short), State – (short)

Course Details:

Introduction to
Design Patterns

  • Overview of OO concepts and Interfaces
  • The Iterator Pattern – Learning Patterns via anExample (with Lab)
  • Background/History of Patterns


Design Patterns:

More Formal Approach

  • UML Overview
  • Gang of Four (GOF) Patterns Description
  • GOF Patterns Catalog
Moving Deeper into

  • Factory Method Pattern (with Lab)
  • Strategy Pattern (with Lab)
  • Decorator Pattern (with Lab)
  • Composite Pattern
  • Template Method Pattern

Exploring Other Patterns

  • Command Pattern (with Lab)
  • Chain of Responsibility Pattern (with Lab)
  • Proxy Pattern
  • Façade Pattern
  • Patterns for Enterprise Systems

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