Java Performance Tuning and Optimization Training

In this 2 day training class students will learn Java Performance Tuning and Optimization skills.

JVM and Performance Tuning Class Overview

  • JVM Overview
  • Performance Principles
  • Common Performance Problems
  • Performance Methodology
  • Development and Performance

Monitoring Operating System Performance

  • Monitor CPU Usage
  • Monitor Network I/O
  • Monitor Disk I/O
  • Monitor Virtual Memory Usage
  • Monitor and Identify Lock Contention

Monitoring the JVM

  • HotSpot Generational Garbage Collector
  • Monitor the Garbage Collector with Command Line Tools
  • Monitor the Garbage Collector with VisualVM
  • Monitor the JIT Compiler
  • Throughput and Responsiveness

Performance Profiling

  • Current Tools
  • Profile CPU Usage
  • Profile JVM Heap
  • Find Memory Leaks
  • Identify Lock Contention
  • Heap Profiling Anti-patters
  • Method Profiling Anti-patterns

Garbage Collection Schemes

  • Garbage Collection
  • Generational Garbage Collection
  • GC Performance Metrics
  • Garbage Collection Algorithms
  • Types of Garbage Collectors
  • JVM Ergonomics

Garbage Collection Tuning

  • Tune the Garbage Collection
  • Select the Garbage Collector
  • Interpret GC Output

Language Level Concerns and Garbage Collection

  • The best practices for Object Allocation
  • Invoking the Garbage Collector
  • Reference Types in Java
  • The use of Finalizers

Performance Tuning at the Language Level

  • String-efficient Java Applications
  • Collection Classes
  • Using Threads
  • Using I/O Efficiently

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