Linux for Unix Administrators


This accelerated course combining the topics in the “Enterprise Linux Systems Administration”,and the “Enterprise Linux Networking Services”.


Students should already be experienced Unix administrators. Fundamentals such as the Unix command line and how to edit files will not be covered in class. A good understanding of network concepts, the TCP/IP protocol suite, and basic Unix security is also assumed. The accelerated pace of this class makes it more difficult for unprepared students to keep up.

Less experienced students are encouraged to instead take the “Linux Fundamentals”, “Enterprise Linux Systems Administration”  or “Enterprise Linux Networking

Supported Distributions:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

Course Outline:

  1. Linux Hardware Discovery, Interaction, and Control
  2. Boot Process and SysV Init
  3. Software Maintenance
  4. Filesystem Administration
  5. LVM & RAID
  6. Remote Storage Administration
  7. User/Group Administration
  8. Security Administration
  9. Process Administration

10. Networking

11. The X Window System

12. BIND Concepts and Configuration

13. OpenLDAP

14. Using vsFTPd and Apache

15. Apache Security

16. The SQUID Proxy Server

17. Samba Concepts and Configuration

18. Postfix

19. Mail Services and Retrieval

20. Monitoring & Troubleshooting

21. Installing RHEL6

22. Installing SLES11

To Hire an AMS Red Hat Linux Subject Matter Expert Consultant and Instructor who also teaches this class, call us today @ 800-798-3901!

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