Introduction to IOS Development

The iPhone has quickly become the best selling single mobile device in the world. The iPad created an entirely new category of mobile hardware. Every day hundreds of thousands of consumers download apps from the iOS store. Every recognizable brand, publication and product has a presence on the store as well.

It’s time for you to get in on the action and learn iOS Development now. This 5 day course features over four hours of video instruction, numerous lab exercises and dozens of code examples all designed to get you creating your own iOS Applications that run either on the iPhone, the iPad or both!

This 10 chapter course starts with the basics of iOS development teaching you how to create iOS user interfaces, and tie those to Objective C code. The course also discusses critical concepts such as permanent data storage, audio and video and the WebView container. Each chapter includes several entertaining and informative lectures, code examples and a lab exercise designed to help you integrate and retain the concepts presented.

Course Outline

Chapter I: Creating a Simple iOS Application

1.1        Creating the Hello World Project

1.2        Understanding Outlets and Actions

1.3        Understanding Object Properties

Chapter II: Rotation and Resizing

2.1        Enabling and Disabling Rotation

2.2        Configuring View and Auto-Resizing

2.3        Manually Places Views Elements

2.4        Hiding the Keyboard

Chapter III: XCode Storyboarding

3.1        Adding Scenes to the Storyboard

3.2        Configuring Segues and Triggering Segues Programmatically

3.3        Performing Tasks Before a Segue

3.4        Creating iPad & iPhone Storyboards

Chapter IV: Table Views

4.1        Building a Static Table View

4.2        Building a Dynamic Table View

4.3        Creating Table View with Custom Cell Design

Chapter V: Tabs and Passing Data

5.1        Configuring the Tab Bar and Adding View Controllers

5.2        Passing Information Between View Controllers

Chapter VI: Working with Picker Components

6.1        DatePicker Component

6.2        Custom Picker Component

Chapter VII: Saving Data to the Device

7.1        Saving a File to the Device

7.2        Loading a File from the Device

7.3        Saving Object State Using Archiving

Chapter VIII: Multi touch, Taps and Gestures

8.1        Working with Touches and Taps

8.2        Working with Gestures

Chapter IX: Working with hardware and iOS Features

9.1        Determining Location

9.2        Creating Notifications

9.3        Working with UI Web Views

Chapter X: Working with Media

10.1      Playing Audio

10.2      Playing Video

10.3      Recording Audio

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