Introduction to Android Software Development

Unless you’ve been sleeping for the last couple of years, you know that Mobile is H-O-T,  and Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world!

Do you have a great idea for an App that you’d love to get on the market? Does your company need an app to grow it’s online audience?

Whatever your reason, this 5 day class covers the skills needed to produce competent, quality, error-free Android applications. More importantly, this course builds the foundation you need to learn more advanced skills and create professional, quality applications as you learn more.

While this is a course for beginners, to be successful you need to know the basics of Java. The course will review the more complex Java used in the Android ecosystem, but you should understand Java Basics–Variables, Loops, Functions, Conditionals should be enough.

Course Outline

Chapter One: Java Review

1.1        Creating Basic Java Applications

1.2        Creating Applications in Packages

1.3        Java Variables

1.4        Java Conditionals and Loops

1.5        Java Arrays

1.6        Java Array Lists

Chapter Two: Java Object Oriented Concepts Review

2.1        Creating a Java Class

2.2        Improving the Java Class

2.3        Using Inheritance

2.4        Understanding Interfaces

2.5        The Static Context

Chapter Three: Creating Your First Android Applications

3.1        The Hello World Application

3.2        Working with the Emulator

3.3        Strings

3.4        Drawables

3.5        Introducing the Manifest

3.6        Understanding the Activity Lifecycle

Chapter Four: Creating Listeners

4.1        Listeners Using an inner class

4.2        Listeners Using an interface

4.3        Listeners By Variable Name

4.4        Long Clicks

4.5        Keyboard Listeners

Chapter Five: Understanding Android View Containers

5.1        Linear Layout

5.2        Relative Layout

5.3        Table Layout

5.4        List View

Chapter Six: Android Widgets Part I

6.1        Custom Buttons

6.2        Toggle Buttons

6.3        Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

6.4        Spinners

Chapter Seven: Android Widgets Part II

7.1        Autocomplete Text Box

7.2        Map View

7.3        Web Views

7.4        Time and Date Pickers

Chapter Eight: Communicating Between Activities

8.1        Switching Activities

8.2        Putting Extra

8.3        Using Shared Preferences

Chapter Nine: Storing Information on the Device

9.1        Internal Storage

9.2        External Storage

9.3        Web Communication and Storage

Chapter Ten: Audio and Video

10.1      Playing Audio with the MediaPlayer

10.2      Playing Video with the MediaPlayer

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