Introduction to DAX – The Basics

Duration: 2 Days


All lessons will include hands-on activities that the students can perform designed to reinforce the concepts delivered in the course by using query examples including outputs with descriptions.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 : What is DAX?

  • Data Analysis eXpressions
  • Understanding the Data Model
  • DAX For Excel Users
  • DAX For SQL Developers
  • DAX For MDX Developers
  • DAX For Power BI

Lesson 2 : Introducing DAX

  • Understanding DAX Calculations
  • DAX Data Types
  • DAX Operators and Variables
  • Handling Errors
  • Common DAX Functions

Lesson 3 : Using Basic Table Functions

  • Introducing Table Functions
  • EVALUATE Syntax
  • Using Table Expressions
  • Understanding FILTER
  • Understanding VALUES and DISTINCT

Lesson 4 : Understanding Evaluation Contexts

  • Introduction to Evaluation Contexts
  • Creating a Row Context with Iterators
  • Understanding FILTER, ALL, and Context Interactions
  • Working with Many Tables

Lesson 5 : Understanding CALCULATE and CALCULATABLE

  • Understanding CALCULATE
  • CALCULATE Examples
  • Understanding Context Transition
  • Variables and Evaluation Contexts
  • Understanding Circular Dependencies
  • Calculate Function and Rules
  • Understanding USERELATIONSHIP

Lesson 6 : DAX Query Tuning

  • The VertiPaq Engine
  • Understanding Database Processing
  • Introduction to Columnar Databases
  • Understanding Segmentation and Partitioning

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