Cognos Query Studio (Beginner / Intermediate)

Class Length 1/2 day  
Pre-requisites None
Description Learn how to create reports in an immediate data return   ‘on-the-fly’ environment
Techniques The class is a capability and object survey of the Query   Studio report writing application.  Similar to the Report Studio class, but in more limited scope, this class includes basic reporting concepts (aggregation, association, grouping, filters, prompting).
  • Simple queries
  • Insert Data Menu
  • Edit Data Menu
  • Change Layout Menu
  • Run Report Menu
  • Manage File Menu
  • Automatic Aggregation
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Calculations
  • Filters
  • Totals/Summaries
  • Formatting
  • Charts
  • Pivots
  • Custom grouping

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