Advanced Assembler Programming Language

This 5 day class introduces students to the advanced techniques available when using the IBM High Level Assembler (HLASM).  Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to:

  •  Use advanced data manipulation instructions.
  • Use system-provided macros, and write their own
  • Transfer control to other programs via CALL and
    LOAD macros.
  • Read and write VSAM key-sequenced datasets.
  • Acquire and use additional memory via GETMAIN
    services and DSECTs.
  • Dynamically allocate files via SVC 99.
  • Write , assemble, and linkedit reentrant and
    reusable programs.
  • Write assembler programs that utilize 31-bit
  • Write assembler programs that utilize 64-bit
  • Write assembler programs that utilize 64-bit

A series of written and lab exercises will be used to reinforce the classroom


Application and systems programmers that have a need to use more advanced language facilities of the IBM High Level Assembler.


  • Introduction
    to z/OS
    , or equivalent experience.
  • TSO/ISPF, or equivalent experience.
  • Basic MVS JCL, or equivalent experience.
  • Basic Assembler Programming, or equivalent experience.

Course Agenda

Advanced Data Manipulation Instructions

  • EX
  • TR / TRT / TRTR

System Macros

  • TIME
  • SNAP
  • WTO / WTOR

User-Defined Subroutines

  • BAL / BALR Instructions
  • BAS / BASR Instructions
  • Parameter List Formats
  • External Subroutines
  • LOAD / DELETE Macros

Using VSAM Datasets

  • Overview
  • ACB / RPL Macro
  • OPEN / CLOSE Macro
  • GET Macro
  • POINT Macro
  • SHOWCB Macro
  • PUT Macro
  • ERASE Macro

Writing User Macros

  • Types of Macros
  • Macro Structure
  • Macro Variables
  • System Macro Variables
  • Conditional Assembly Statements
  • Assembler Attributes

Dynamic Memory Allocation

  • Concept
  • GETMAIN Macro
  • Using Dynamically Allocated Memory
  • FREEMAIN Macro
  • STORAGE Macro

Dynamic File Allocation

  • Concept
  • Parameter List Structure
  • SVC 99

Coding Reentrant/Reusable Programs

  • Overview
  • Coding Requirements
  • Linkage Editor Requirements

31-bit Addressing

  • Overview
  • Coding Requirements
  • Linkage Editor Requirements

64-bit Processing

  • Overview
  • Coding Requirements
  • Linkage Editor Requirements

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