Adobe ColdFusion 10 Programming & Administration

This 5 day instructor led Adobe ColdFusion 10 class is intenteded for experienced developers who are new to Cold Fusion. This class teaches students essential ColdFusion 10 Programming and Administration skills.

Class Outline

ColdFusion 10 Programming

Day One
A.Introduction to ColdFusion
B.ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
1.lab – Hello World
C.ColdFusion Basics
a)lab – Person information
4.Data Types
a)lab – debugging a problem
6.Conditional Processing
a)lab – if and loops
D.Advanced CFML Tags
1.Creating forms using CF
E. Processing User Form Input
1.lab – form processing

Day Two

A.Structured Development
1.ColdFusion Components (CFCs – AKA Class)
a)Lab – a Person CFC
2.ColdFusion Functions (AKA methods)
a)Lab – Person Service functions
3.Application layers
b)Data Access
e)Lab – CF Application with layers
B.Interaction with databases
1.Querying for data
2.Updating/Creating data
3.Transaction processing
4.lab – CF application that interacts with a database
C.Application Environment
1.Application configuration files
2.Application scope
3.Global error handling

Day Three

A.Exception handling
C.Validating user input
1.lab – CF application form validation and processing
D.ColdFusion AJAX controls
E. Session handling
1.lab – CF application with session handling
F.Working with email

Day Four Morning – Securing your application

A.Securing your application
1.lab – User authentication and authorization using ColdFusion
C.What’s new in ColdFusion 10?

Day Four Afternoon – ColdFusion 10 Administration

A.Stopping and Starting ColdFusion
B.Introduction to CF administrator
C.Creating datasources to various Database Systems
D.Defining email server properties

Day Five

A.ColdFusion system log files
B.ColdFusion schedule tasks
C.ColdFusion search services (Verity and Solr)
D.ColdFusion web services
E.ColdFusion performance tuning

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