IT jobs seekers looking to relocate should first enroll in online courses

While the number of open IT positions is expected to increase over the next 12 months, a new study indicates that many of the individuals who will be applying for these jobs may be doing so with employers that are based outside their current state.

For example, a recent CareerBuilder survey indicated that 44 percent of U.S. workers said they would be willing to uproot their life and move if the right job presented itself.

However, employees aren't the only ones recognizing this shift in the job market, as employers are increasingly open to the idea. The survey also indicated that roughly 33 percent of businesses said they would be willing to pay for this relocation if the candidate was the right fit for their current goals.

In addition, nearly 20 percent of employers said they would be willing to give new hires a signing bonus in exchange for the agreement that this individual accepts a smaller first-year salary after the move. This arrangement could allow IT workers who relocate to better pay for the large number of upfront expenses that they would likely need to tackle given this scenario.

Due to this trend, IT workers who find that their resume isn't soliciting responses from the top employers may want to take online courses with computer instructors who can help them advance their skills.

For example, by finding an online provider whose course catalogs feature Cisco VoIP, a Cisco ASA and other Cisco certifications, and selecting the most appropriate education classes, job seekers may be able to make their candidacy more attractive to these employers.

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