Project Communication & Stakeholder Management

This 3 day course is primarily designed for project managers and supervisors who want to improve their project communication management skills. The course is particularly helpful for new project managers, and for project managers working in multi-stakeholder project environments. Individuals taking this course should have at least two years of experience working on project teams.

Course Description

Managing project communications is the most important duty of a project manager. Project managers must communicate with project owners, team members, and other stakeholders, whether they are internal or external to the organization. Effective communication can only occur when project managers identify stakeholders and their needs based on how they impact a project. Knowing the potential impact or support each stakeholder could generate allows project managers to create effective strategies that can be critical to project success. This online course helps project managers assess their project communication needs, plan for meeting those needs, and effectively communicate project status and forecasts throughout the project life-cycle. This course will familiarize you with the language and methodology commonly used by professional publications, associations, and your peers in the project management profession.

What you will achieve

  • The ability to identify and classify stakeholders that can significantly impact the project
  • The knowledge of how to create approaches to increase support from positive stakeholders and minimize impacts of negative stakeholders
  • The ability to analyze your project communication requirements for keeping internal and external project stakeholders informed of project status
  • The ability to create a functional, practical project communications plan
  • The knowledge of what communication tools are most effective in what circumstances
  • The ability to effectively communicate project status, integrating information regarding project schedule and cost

What you will learn

  • Communications in the PMBOKĀ® Framework – How the processes of Project Communications Management interact with each other and with other Knowledge Area processes

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